Ethics committee of radio and television of Media Council of Mongolia discussed and resolved a complaint of S. Amarsaikhan addressed to a broadcast “Mongolian comment” of TV9 television dated on 05 September 2017 in a meeting dated on 29 September 2017.

         The complaint maker considered that narrated about the internal conflict of the Mongolian Peoples’ Party at the broadcast published news in a site was mentioned as a source, did not check matter of facts and stability of the information, attacked his reputation and vilified him.  

          Ethics committee of Radio and television controlled and discussed the complaint and made conclusion that the broadcast “Mongolian comment” is a broadcast which might include in the journalism type “review” and a review typed broadcast of e-media and at the broadcast addressed the complaint reviewers of the television mentioned its source clearly, considered as direct excerption and did not use any words and phrases vilified and insulted the complaint maker and thus professional mistake was not made.  

           It considered based on this conclusion broadcast “Mongolian comment” of TV9 television did not infringe code of media ethics.

        Therefore, informed to the complaint maker that TV9 television did not broadcast “Mongolian comment” of TV9 television according to the paragraph 6.2.1 of “Complaint procedure” of media Council of Mongolia and made resolution to inform it to the public according to the paragraph 6.4 of the procedure.


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