Respective Televisions have breached the Code of Media Ethics


Ulaanbaatar city                                                                                               December 16, 2017

The regular meeting of Ethics Committee of Newspapers, magazines and sites of the Media Council of Mongolia was held on December 08 of 2017 and undertaken respective actions by considering complaints of one individual and one organization that addressed to 5 televisions.

The first complaint was written by Ya.M, a resident of Orkhon province blaming TV10 television of Orkhon province for reputation damage, one source based, no attempt for justification or explanation has been taken in an interview during “Tsagiin hemnel” news program dated on October 11, 2017.

The Ethics committee considered and concluded that TV10 television of Orkhon aimag has ignored requests of Ya.M who has been blamed  during the above referred interview to justify or explain the matter, therefore it’s been regarded that  “Tsagin hemnel” news program  has breached a provision of Paragraph 1.8 “ Blamed or questioned party shall be allowed for justification or explanation”, the Code of Media Ethics.

Next complaint was written by “Emeelt zah” LLC. The company stated that a number of televisions have infringed codes of ethics and damaged its reputation through  news programs with reportages  on torturing Mongolian horses at slaughtering places around Emeelt area.

1. The complaint addressed to NTN television stated that “ a news program dated on October 25, 2017 reported that outrageous brutalities  that torture Mongolian live horses  have  been  taken place in  Emeelt and named those  slaughtering places of horses around Emeelt area  as  “Emeelt zah” widely. By inaccurately reporting activities of other entities,   reputation and business career of our company have been seriously insulted.”

The complaint was considered by the Ethics committee and it was concluded that due to not examination of names of entities that run businesses around “Emeelt” area, an accidental damage has been caused to reputation of “Emeelt zah” LLC, and repeated expression of unpleasant words such as “painful”, “excrescence” and use of unrelated facts /accident happened in Sukhbaatar province/ have exaggerated “typical understanding”. 

Based on the above mentioned, it is concluded that NTN television has breached provisions of Paragraph 1.1. “Provision of the public with accurate information, preferment of humanness and dignity are supreme values of journalistic media. Insight examination of information is a basic principle of accurate journalism.” and Paragraph 3.2 “Media means shall avoid exaggerating common understandings in society”, The Code of Media Ethics.

2. The complaint addressed to ETV stated that news report dated on November 8, 2017 said that horses have been tortured at Emeelt zah” and it insulted business reputation of “Emeelt zah” LLC and inaccurate information was reached out the public. 

The Ethics committee considered it and concluded that as ETV has not examined the name of entities running businesses in Emeelt area, an accidental damage to reputation of “Emeelt zah” has been caused. Based on this finding, it is regarded that ETV television’s news program has breached provisions of Paragraph 1.1 “Provision of the public with accurate information, preferment of humanness and dignity are supreme values of journalistic media. Insight examination of information is a basic principle of accurate journalism.” and Paragraph 1.2 Avoid any accidental errors by verifying the accuracy of information”, The Code of Media Ethics.

3. Complaints addressed to Royal HD stated that news program of “Haluun tseg” dated on October 23, 2017 repeatedly reported that “Mongolian horses are tortured in the hands of Chinese people” and showed horses that were taking medical assistance in a fence of Emeelt zah. It was inaccurate and false report.

To have analyzed consideration of the matter, the above mentioned reportages should be viewed in detail, therefore the Ethics committee postponed consideration of the case to collect required materials and reportages and assigned the secretariat to submit the complaint in the first meeting of 2018.

Based on the conclusion, the Radio and television ethics committee decided to publicly announce TV10 of Orkhon province, NTN and ETV televisions’ infringements of the Code of Media ethics in accordance with provision of Paragraph 6.2.3 of the Complaint handling procedure of Media council of Mongolia. 



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