Newly appointed Executive Director of the Media Council of Mongolia


We are pleased to introduce to you Mrs. Gunjidmaa Gongor, the newly appointed and first full time Executive Director, of the Media Council of Mongolia (MCM). The Governing board of the MCM appointed her at the regular meeting dated on 20 December 2017.

Mrs. Gunjidmaa Gongor is a sociologist, journalist and media expert, with a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Ph.D candidacy in the Social Sciences. During her 18 years of employment in the media sector, she has successfully conducted media research, trainings, and consultancy on press freedom, media transparency, critical and discourse analyses on media coverage, TV rating surveys, training curriculums for investigative journalism, and capacity building for ethical and professional journalism.

Mrs. Gunjidmaa Gongor began her career as a researcher at the Press Institute, later becoming Head of Research and Vice Chairperson of the Executive Director. Mrs. Gunjidmaa Gongor is now an experienced specialist in journalism inspection, public communication, and managing research development and civil society organizations. She has now successfully implemented nearly 100 external and internal media and communication development trainings, research projects and programs.

Within the MCM itself, Mrs. Gunjidmaa Gongor has been integral in its inception, having led on its establishment since 2015 and personally organized the council and its governance. In this capacity, she has served as a member of the Governing Board and has developed and delivered policy documents, including MCM’s PR strategic plan in 2016-2018 and the Financial Plan in 2017-2019.

We trust that she is fully capable of leading the MCM and implementing MCM policy in line with international standards and a professional culture of self-regulation. So, we are delighted with her appointment and look forward to her collaborating with you all closely.

The MCM was established in early 2015, as result of the successful collaboration of journalists, media owners, journalist associations and professional media organizations. The MCM upholds the highest standards ofjournalism by monitoring and maintaining the standards set out in Mongolian Media Ethics Principles. Over 120 complaints from citizens and organizations were resolved by our Ethics Committees over the past three years, capably and effectively.


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