File a Complain


If you decided to file a complaint please review the following steps.

Step 1.Please review the regulation of receiving and solving complaint

Step 2.Receive a complaint

1.Complaint will be received by an official written form or through the Council's website.When filing a complaint one should attach information about which media and when was published or broadcasted. 

2.The Council will receive a complaint regarding the works published or broadcasted through main stream media. However it won’t receive a complaint regarding the operation of the media organization.

Step 3.Preliminary screening of the complaint

1.The operation department of the Council will receive and register a complaint and if the Council considers it is outside the examination scope it will return the complaint.

2.Ethic committee of the Media Council will examine the complaint according to the regulation and provide an assessment.

3.The operation department will notify about the complaint to the media organization and provide with an opportunity to make an explanation. 

If you checked the steps please click here and download the complaint form or click here and file a complaint online. 

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