Supporting Organizations


Initiation of establishment

The Media Council Mongolia initiated an establishment of a self-regulation for Mongolian main stream media and about 20 organizations and about 40 journalists are united today.

The Media Council Mongolia holds a meeting every Wednesday and created an Initiation Group which supports to have a self-regulation for main stream media.

Organizations which support this action and devote their mind are:

Media Council Club

The Mongolian Journalist Union

The Press Institute

The Globe International Center

The Mongolian Television Union

The Mongolian Website Union website 

News Agency website

The Transparency Foundation

Journalism department of Mongolian National University

Journalism department of Mongolian National University of Education

Mongol TV

The Midas NGO The Information Communication Capacity Forum
The Mongolian National Press Club The Local Mean Stream Media Union The Mongolian Navel Radio Union
The Mongolian Free Newspaper Union The Mongolian Young Journalist Development Union The Mongolian FM Radio Union
The Human Right National Committee Journalist Club The Parliament Journalist Union

Foreign supporting organizations:

DW Akademie


Bosnia and Herzegovina


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